Museum Tours

Daily tours are run in the museum at 2.30pm.

All themed tours start at 2.30pm and allow a maximum of 20 visitors per tour.

The following tours will take place at the weekends, please ask for more information on your arrival.


30 May - Passion for Speed

Discover the history and development of British sports cars from the 1900’s to the 1980’s.

31 May - The Story of Speed

Land Speed Record Breakers, faster and faster.  The quest to be the fastest person on land, a story of technological progress and bravery. 


6 June - From Austerity to the Swinging Sixties

The recovery of the British motor industry from the ravages of war, progressing through the launch of new models, like the Morris Minor, to the pivotal year of 1959 and the birth of the Mini.

7 June - Fast Ladies

Women who have made their mark in a traditionally male-dominated motoring world, from Bertha Benz to Pat Moss.