BULLITT Mustangs in the spotlight for Beaulieu’s photography workshop

James Mann photography
Posted  30.05.2019
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A pair of prestigious BULLITT Mustangs will be under the glare of the cameras for Beaulieu’s Car Photography Workshop with award-winning photographer James Mann on Tuesday June 4th in the grounds of the National Motor Museum.

The rare classic Ford Mustang GT 390 that mirrors the star car from the 1968 film Bullitt and the latest BULLITT Mustang special edition, both in matching Highland Green, will be seen through the lens by masterclass students. The new version of the world’s favourite muscle car was built to celebrate half a century of the classic film and, fitted with a 5-litre V8 engine, is a modern incarnation of one of the most famous cars on the silver screen.

Mustang BULLITT at Beaulieu

Both cars have been loaned by Ford for the workshop, which is returning after its successful launch year. During the packed day, the leading car photographer will share his 30 years’ experience in a course covering all aspects of professional automotive photography.

Photography student being instructed by James Mann

A Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society with an impressive portfolio, James is also the author of best-selling book How to Photograph Cars. A lifelong car and motorcycle enthusiast, he trained in editorial and advertising photography before embarking on a career that has seen him travel across the world photographing people, cars, landscapes and events.

Under James’ expert guidance, all aspects of car photography will be covered – from choosing and setting up a camera to taking the best static and moving shots in Beaulieu’s picturesque grounds. Top tips will be given on managing lighting, reflections and location – and access will be given to Beaulieu’s world-famous collection of vehicles, which tell the story of motoring in the National Motor Museum.

Photography workshop with Mustang

For more workshop details and Beaulieu’s full calendar of events see click here.

Visitors to Beaulieu will also be able to enjoy the Mustang spectacle. Tickets can be bought in advance online. For tickets and details click here or call 01590 612345.

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