VW XL1 at Beaulieu – One of world’s top green cars

Volkwagen XL1
Volkwagen XL1
Volkswagen XL1 hybrid

It’s one of the greenest cars in the world. The Volkswagen XL1 has gone on show for visitors to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu 

Setting an example of low emissions vehicles, this incredible piece of machinery can achieve more than 300 miles per gallon and is one of the most environmentally friendly cars on the road today.

The 2015 model has joined the museum’s Driving Change display which explores the evolution’s of motoring innovations and technology. The futuristic machine sits alongside other members of the Volkswagen family including a 1953 Beetle and a 1981 Golf GTI in the National Motor Museum.

Under the bonnet


As a Super Efficiency Vehicle, it is fitted with an electric motor and compact 800cc two-cylinder diesel engine, linked by a dual-clutch seven-speed transmission driving the rear wheels. It can be driven purely on electric power for up to 30 miles on one charge, staying in electric mode until greater power is required, or until the lithium ion battery charge drops below 14%. Then both motors start to work together to achieve as many as 340 miles on one gallon of diesel, with low emissions.

On the outside


The bodywork isn’t just for show. It’s constructed from carbon fibre reinforced polymer and the body shell and panels are strong yet weigh a fraction of steel equivalents. In fact, the total weight of the XL1 is 795kg. By contrast a new Volkswagen Polo weighs only 1105kg. With only 250 built, of which 200 sold to customers, Volkswagen has billed this car as ‘the car of the future, built today’. 


Volkswagen Export Type I Beetle

VW Beetle

Over 21 million Beetles have been built up until today, making it still the most popular car ever produced. Designed by Dr Ferdinand Porsche in the 1930s, it was adopted by Adolf Hitler as the Volkswagen or People’s Car. Production for the civilian market started under British military control in 1945, passing back to German ownership in 1948. This car, which is currently on display in The National Motor Museum has a top speed of 63mph and cost just £600 new. It was presented to Edward, 3rd Baron Montagu in 1963 to mark the sale of 100,000 Volkswagens in Britain.

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Volkswagen Golf GTI


The Golf GTI, with its combination of practicality, performance and handling, was the first ever ‘hot hatchback’ and is still in production today. The GTI featured a tuned engine with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection, combined with uprated suspension and brakes. In 1982 the Golf GTI was upgraded from a 1,600cc engine, to a more powerful 1,800cc engine in a bid to stay ahead of likes of Ford, Vauxhall and Peugeot. Some of the earlier editions are seen as real collectors cars today.


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Simply VW – Sunday 15th JUNE

Simply VW

VW owners are invited to drive into Beaulieu on Saturday 15th June and park up within the museum complex for Simply VW. It promises to be a superb day out for both VW owners and enthusiasts.

From modern classics such as the VW Golf GTI to classics such as the split-screen VW Campervan or the original VW Beetle. All models are welcome, it will be a great opportunity to admire some cult vehicles and to connect with fellow VW fans.

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VW T CHILL – 9th – 11th JUNE

Set over the whole weekend, all VW Transporter owners are invited to set up camp and display their vehicles at Beaulieu for VW T Chill! It promises to be a fantastic event for VW Transporter owners and enthusiasts.

Sunday visitors to Beaulieu will be able to see the colourful display of VW Transporters parked on the Beaulieu arena for a show and shine event , followed by presentations and trophies.

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