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Driving Change: The Evolution of The Motor Car

Explore the evolution of the motor car in an exciting display in the National Motor Museum.

Ever wondered how engines work? Curious about car safety? Discover how automotive technology has developed since the dawn of motoring. Learn how innovations have changed what goes on underneath the bonnet of your favourite vehicles. Plus find out where technology might take us in the future...

How It Works - Driving ChangeHOW IT WORKS

How does suspension work? What do gears actually do? Exhibits reveal the workings behind some of the most important motoring technologies.

Car Construction - Driving ChangeDESIGN & CONSTRUCTION

How has an understanding of aerodynamics shaped our cars? What are the advantages of rear-wheel drive? Discover automotive design secrets!

Meet the Beaulieu Crash Test Dummy in Driving Change!MEET THE BEAULIEU CRASH TEST DUMMY

Meet Beaulieu's friendly crash test dummy! Push a button to hear him talk about the development of car safety.

Looking to the future in Driving ChangeWHERE ARE WE GOING?

What does the future hold for automotive design? We look at where alternative power might take the motoring industry...

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