Bloodhound Land Speed Record car comes to Beaulieu

Bloodhound land speed record car at the National Motor Museum
Posted  09.11.2023
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The Bloodhound LSR roadshow – the car aiming to break the land speed record and drive over 800mph visits the National Motor Museum (NMM) at Beaulieu on Monday 13th November between midday and 5pm.

  • Bloodhound will take its place with four other land speed record greats at the NMM, making this the largest concentration of LSR cars in the world.
  • The car is a detailed full-scale replica of the Bloodhound LSR that drove at over 1000kph in South Africa during 2019.
  • The Bloodhound team are looking for a daredevil driver to break the FIA Outright World Land Speed Record.


Sir Malcolm Campbell, Sir Henry Segrave, Richard Noble OBE and Andy Green OBE are names forever associated with the most exclusive record in motoring: that of the Outright World Land Speed Record. This month, the Bloodhound LSR team are searching for another name to add to the list of the planet’s fastest people, and that quest is leading them to the home of land speed record cars here at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu.

For 125 years, attempts have been made to break the Land Speed Record (LSR), the highest speed of a vehicle on land. It has been held since 1997 by formed RAF pilot Andy Green who drove Thrust SSC to 763.035mph across the Black Rock desert in the USA, becoming the first person to break the sound barrier on land.

Bloodhound is a proven machine, with high-speed tests in South Africa in 2019 that achieved 628mph (1010kph). Now, the team wants to rewrite the record books by pushing the record to over 800mph.

In another milestone, this attempt will be the first ever powered by sustainable fuels and producing net zero carbon emissions. Great Britain leads the world in motorsport technology, and the Bloodhound project also aims to support this cutting-edge industry and build a legacy for the future through the support of a school STEM charity element.

National Motor Museum CEO, Dr Jon Murden, said, ‘The chance to see Bloodhound here at the National Motor Museum with the other iconic speed-record cars in our collection will be a very special experience. A project like this can be very powerful in promoting STEM and introducing a new generation to cutting-edge engineering, something that is at the heart of the Museum’s ethos.’

Those wishing to see Bloodhound LSR along with other land-speed record cars at Beaulieu should book their tickets now on the Beaulieu website. The car will be at the Museum on Monday, 13th November between midday and 5pm.