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Posted  23.06.2021
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Which of today’s cars do you think will be the classics of the future? Beaulieu and Autocar magazine need your help to choose five new cars that are sure to become classics, to create a future National Motor Museum display.

With automotive technology progressing fast, we are living in an exciting new era of the history of motoring. But which of the remarkable cars that you can buy new today will you expect to see on show in the National Motor Museum in 50 years’ time? Now is your chance to tell us through a brand new online poll.

With Beaulieu and Autocar magazine teaming up to find out, the plan is for four expert groups — you, Autocar writers, NMM visitors and museum staff — to choose five Future Classics from 2022, to be displayed for a whole year at the National Motor Museum. The voting period runs from now until the end of September and each person will be able to choose three cars.

Head to to cast your vote now. To be eligible, a new car must be on sale now and continue to be offered in 2022.

History is usually the key element in deciding about a car’s ultimate importance and ‘classic’ status. Just look at the original Ford Escort Mk1, made in millions but highly revered now, while even the now-legendary Jaguar E-Type was overlooked in its early years by some because it was relatively cheap and plentiful.

Winners will be announced early in 2022. Each car will be billed as an Autocar Beaulieu Future Classic, and will be recognised as such at next year’s Autocar Awards in May. The magazine’s team of experts has already developed a long list of more than 100 eligible cars (cars that will be on sale in 2022). Your votes will help to cut this list down to just 10 entries, which will then be whittled down to the top five with the help of a panel of Autocar and Beaulieu experts.

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