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Posted  06.01.2017
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Our exciting new project for 2017 will be the complete restoration of the Victorian kitchen at Palace House.

The project aims to restore the kitchen to its original state prior to 1952, when it was drastically altered to make way for the motorcycle museum. The first stage of the project is already underway and we aim to complete the restoration works by April 2017.

Original Victorian Kitchen, 1905
Victorian Kitchen c.1905. Originally owned by Robert Scott.

Memories and Photos Wanted!

As the kitchen is the heart of every home we would like to be as accurate in the restoration as possible, so you really feel like you’re stepping back into the past when visiting this area.

This photograph shows the kitchen as it was c.1905 with Annie Louise Freeman and two yet unnamed kitchen maids at work. It is the only photograph we have of this area prior to 1952.

We are appealing to anyone who may have worked here before 1952 or visited the kitchen during this time, who can remember any details, or have any photographs or documents they can share with us?

If you think you can help please contact Keeper of Collections, Sarah Downer at

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