50 Years of the Monorail

Beaulieu's Monorail turns 50 in 2024!
It was opened in July 1974 by The Wombles.
Join us for birthday celebrations and get involved!
Enjoy a serene aerial tour of the attraction on the 'Skytrain'

Beaulieu’s famous Monorail is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2024!

It’s been 50 years since the Monorail at Beaulieu was opened in 1974, and we want you to join us in the celebrations! Many visitors to Beaulieu over the last 50 years will have enjoyed a serene aerial tour of the attraction on our mile-long ‘Skytrain’, taking in sweeping views of the grounds and gardens as well as a birds-eye-view of the National Motor Museum! Scroll down to find out more about out exciting anniversary celebrations.

The History of the Monorail

Beaulieu Monorail opened in 1974

Beaulieu Monorail opened by The Wombles in 1974

In 1974, the Monorail we know and love today was opened by The Wombles (furry, secretive creatures created by Elizabeth Beresford), but this was not the first ‘monorail’ at Beaulieu… a less permanent structure was in place for the opening of the National Motor Museum in 1972 using battery operated mechanics from milk floats! However, soon after, something more permanent was needed and todays Monorail was built. A trip to Butlins at Skegness to see the first commercial monorail system in the UK led to an agreement whereby Beaulieu purchased the same mechanism for our skytrain today!


The monorail in 2024

50th Anniversary of Beaulieu's Monorail!

Beaulieu's Monorail turns 50 in 2024!

Over 240,000 visitors take a trip on the Monorail each year on our 2 trains, recently named ‘Monty’ and ‘Mary’. To celebrate their 50th birthdays, the station has undergone a refresh for it’s anniversary celebrations and those visiting will notice a new design on both the outside and inside of the carriages paying homage to the rich history of this family favourite ride. Don’t forget visitors can enjoy unlimited rides on the Monorail during your visit to Beaulieu, and it’s all included in your general admission ticket! Plus, keep an eye out for new Beaulieu Monorail merchandise in our Gift Shop!


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Birthday celebrations

Beaulieu's Monorail turns 50 in 2024!


The Monorail was officially opened in July 1974, and we will be hosting a day of fun filled celebrations in 2024. Tickets will be on sale soon but in the meantime, keep an eye out on our socials, website and newsletter for some exciting announcements!

Watch this short film by Lord Montagu who explained earlier in the year the changes he has planned for the Beaulieu monorail in 2024, it’s 50th anniversary year.