Palace House

Palace House has been in Lord Montagu's family ownership since 1538 and, concentrating on the Victorian period, offers a number of fascinating study days for children.

Houses and Homes

Houses and Homes

Themes: Social History & Local History

Experience the atmosphere of a Victorian country house with one of our Victorian house-hold servants. Based on people who lived and worked at Beaulieu in the 19th century.

Dress up in smocks and collars and learn about familiar and unusual objects of Victorian times in this ‘hands-on’ programme.

Suitable for KS1, 2, 3, 4 and for children/ students/adults with special educational needs.

The Victorians

VictoriansThemes: Social & Local History

Children take on the role of Victorian school children seeking employment as housemaids, kitchen maids, footmen or chauffeurs.

Find out about etiquette, spittoons and iron ranges and many more aspects of life in a Victorian country house. Dress up in smocks and collars.

Combine with sessions on:

Motoring: The motor car was a Victorian invention. Discover where to buy petrol, how to steer a car without a wheel and why a red flag was important to Victorian motorists.

Toys: Discover some of the toys the Montagu children played with in Victorian Palace House and have fun with our replica Victorian toys.

Kitchen Garden: Learn about life as a Victorian gardener and find out what was grown for the Palace House tables as you investigate our Kitchen Garden.

Suitable for KS2 and 3 and for children/ students/adults with special educational needs.

Victorian Christmas (25 Nov - 11 Dec 2015)

Victorian ChristmasExperience the atmosphere of Christmas celebrations in this role-playing activity day based in Palace House.

Invited as guests of Henry, Lord Montagu, 'meet' some of the people who lived and worked here during the Victorian era. Discover something of their home, family, life and work. Perform your own entertainment for Lord Henry. 

Minimum number of children: 20.

Suitable for KS1 and 2.