Beaulieu Abbey

Beaulieu AbbeyLearn about the lifestyle of the Cistercian monks who founded Beaulieu Abbey in 1204 on land given to them by King John. Wander through the serene Cloisters and Herb garden in which the monks grew a number of aromatic plants for both cooking and medicinal purposes including penny royal and lavender.  Although much of the Abbey was destroyed during the reign of Henry VIII, visitors can still learn about the magnificent buildings of the Abbey, originally called Bellus Locus Regis  - the beautiful place of the King.

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Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings

Upstairs in the Abbey’s Domus, impressive Wall Hangings depict scenes from the history of the Abbey. Designed and created by Belinda, Lady Montagu using various forms of appliqué, patchwork, quilting, and both machine and hand embroidery on a heavy calico base.


Wall Hangings

Beaulieu is reputed to be one of Britain's most haunted places and ghosts have been seen, heard and sensed here for over a hundred years. Listen for the sounds of chanting and Brother Augustus's footsteps and smell the fragrance of incense when there is none burning.

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Download our FREE audio tour to enhance your visit to Beaulieu Abbey. Learn about the daily life of the thirteenth century Abbey and its Cistercian monk founders during your visit to Beaulieu. Click here for more information.