Ford Cosworth DFV Engine

The Ford DFV V8 Engine
In action at the 1967 Dutch Grand Prix
Graham Hill & Colin Chapman
Graham Hill, Colin Chapman & Keith Duckworth
The engine was used in the Matra MS10 in 1968
The Lotus 49 Ford Cosworth DFV Engine
Ford DFV F1 V8 Engine 1967
Lotus 49, G Hill, Zandvoort
Lotus 49, G Hill, C Chapman
Graham Hill, Colin Chapman, Keith Duckworth
Matra Cosworth MS10, 1968
Lotus 49 Ford Cosworth Engine

The DFV engine… a powerful force in Formula One…


  • The 2,993cc V8 DFV engine project cost £100,000. £25,000 of this was used to develop the related 1,600cc four-cylinder FVA engine.
  • The engine was originally intended for the exclusive use of Colin Chapman’s Lotus Formula One team.
  • The Lotus 49/Ford DFV combination was successful from the start, driving Jim Clark to victory in the 1967 Dutch Grand Prix.
  • The DFV proved so successful that Lotus agreed it should be used by other teams from 1968 onwards for fear of scaring away the competition.
  • The engine was still winning races in the 1980s and derivatives of the engine were raced until 1991.
Tyrrell M Alberto, 1982 British GP
Michele Alboreto drives the DFV powered Tyrrell-Ford at the 1982 British Grand Prix. A year later Alboreto would win the Detroit Grand Prix in a DFY powered Tyrrell, the last Grand Prix victory for the Ford-Cosworth DFV engine family.