1903 De Dion Bouton

Edward Lord Montagu in front of Palace House
The single cylinder De Dion Bouton engine
Inside the entrance of Palace House
Edward Lord Montagu with the De Dion Bouton
On the London to Brighton Run
Lord Montagu with 1903 De Dion in 1952
The single cylinder De Dion Bouton engine. Illustrated parts list.
The De Dion inside Palace House
Lord Montagu outside Palace House with 1903 De Dion
Lord Montagu on the London-Brighton 1950

The 1903 De Dion Bouton… the car that launched the Montagu Motor Museum.


  • The De Dion Bouton 6hp Model Q (Populaire) entered production in 1903.
  • This De Dion Bouton is one of the original five cars that launched the Montagu Motor Museum in 1952 and has been in the family since 1913.
  • The car has carried the registration number AA20 since 1913, one of two original Montagu numbers.
  • It is regular entrant in the annual London to Brighton run.
De Dion Bouton 1903
Note the lack of a registration number on this De Dion Bouton. Driver and vehicle registration was made compulsory by the 1903 Motor Car Act.